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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the best way to reheat my pie?
    For our traditional English-style pies, reheat frozen pie in a preheated oven (or airfryer) at 330F for about 1 hour. For a quicker bake time, thaw pie in your fridge overnight and bake at 350F for about 30 mins. Our English-style pies taste best when reheated in an oven, not a microwave. We've had customers experiment with the microwave with great success, thawing them for 5 minutes in the microwave and finishing them off in the air-fryer or oven until crispy (about 5-10 minutes). For our Pie 'N' Pie TV dinners, remove plastic lid and bake frozen pies in a preheated oven at 375F for about 45 mins. For a quicker bake time, thaw pie in fridge overnight and bake at 375F for about 30 mins. Do NOT reheat Pie 'N' Pies in the microwave. Always heat until internal temperature of pie reaches 165F. Reheating times may vary.
  • Do you make any gluten-free pies?
    As of right now, all of our pies are made with wheat flour. We've been doing some recipe testing and hope to have a gluten "friendly" option available sometime soon. Due to the nature of the shared commerical kitchen we prepare our pies in, we will be unable to guarantee a completely gluten-free product.
  • Do you have any vegetarian pies?
    Right now, our three base flavours are very meat-forward. Once we have our feet planted on the ground as a business, we will be doing a rotating "feature" pie, which will include meat-free options! Our NEW "Harissa Squash and Butterbean Pie" is both vegetarian and vegan.
  • Are your pies spicy?
    Our black pepper beef pie can be considered spicy to some people. It is very black pepper forward and it packs a bit of a punch! Our NEW Harissa Squash and Butterbean pie has a bit of a kick to it, as it uses the North African spice harissa spice blend in our rich tomato sauce.
  • How much are your pies?
    We sell our English-style pies for $12 each. We also offer a "6 for $60" discount for buying multiple pies. All English-style pies (as of right now) are the same price, so you can mix and match to complete any offer. Our Pie 'N' Pie TV dinners are $15 each, and we offer a "6 for $80" discount for buying multiple Pie 'N' Pies.
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    We do! Please see our "Where to Buy" section of our website for the most up-to-date information about where to buy our pies. If you are a retailer interested in purchasing wholesale, please contact us directly at
  • Do you ship your pies?
    Right now, we are looking into reliable Canadian transportation companies that will be able to deliver our pies frozen, but as of right now, this service isn't available.
  • Can I order pies online and pick them up?
    As of right now, the only way to purchase our pies is to visit us at the Farmers Market or visit one of our wholesale retailers (see full list of places to buy here).
  • Do all of your pies have onions in them?
    Our main three pies (chicken chive cider pie, black pepper beef, and English apricot pork) all have onions in them. If you have questions about our "feature" pies, please don't hesitate to ask.
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